Mystic country. Good salary. A great chance to experience the fast changing country face-to-face with ordinary Chinese.

Benefits include free private housing, travel allowance, paid holidays, and lot more. If interested, please send your resume/CV/photo to <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only>. We will find you the best match free of cost. Teaching in China is more than a job. It's a lifestyle. We will help you make the most of it.

Best regards,

send me any contracts you have that will approve of my qualifications. I must legally be able to work, and will only work monday through friday. I am looking to travel to china for the first of Dec. or earlier.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
11E Huntsville St.
<contact details removed, please add them to your profile only>

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a long term dependable contract with options to sign on for a longer time period after completion of original contract.

Though out my experience teaching English, I’ve learnt how to adjust to a variety of obstacles. From finding a new, more entertaining methods of teaching a small kindergarten class, to finding more efficient ways of memorization for a class of young adults.

2003-2004 (P.I.R.C.) Pesticide Industry Regulatory council, issued in cooperation with the Ontario ministry of the environment
2002-2003 (T.E.F.L.) certification, on-going

1993-1997 (O.S.S.D.), Ontario Secondary School Diploma

2003-2004 Trainer and lawn care technician, Weed man Inc., (Hamilton, Canada)
While employed with ‘Weed man’ some of my responsibilities included, monitoring and diagnoses of customers property. Along with the technical part of this job, exceptional customer service played a vital roll in the success of the company. Throughout my time with Weed man I was responsible for the training of over half of the staff.

2002-2003 English teacher, ABC pathways school, (Hong Kong)
ABC pathways school is fully supported by Cambridge university press (CUP) in running ABC Cambridge English Course, which is a 60-hour English language course in various levels for children and young adults from age 3 to 17 years old. ABC provides a pathway for students to study English along with their formal study from kindergarten throughout their secondary study. My goal was that students are not only equipped with the skills to build a solid foundation at different stages in developing their oral, listening, reading and writing skills, but also in building their interests and positive attitude in learning English as a foreign language. Every teacher was responsible, and obliged to, change curriculum to new and more exciting methods when necessary, and constantly be creating new lesson plans. Liasoning with parents was a responsibility that I carried out daily. A detailed mid-term report and a final report were distributed to every child.

2002-2002 English teacher, Chatteris Educational Foundation, (Hong Kong)
As a none-profit organization Chatteris is committed to the development and implementation of programmes that allow teachers to make a direct and practical contribution to the local Hong Kong community. Staff development services included consultancy, seminars, workshops and courses to help teachers to develop school-based English curriculum. I was required t o use motivating and interesting methods to build students, character, emotional growth and social skills development as well. In all classes I gave my time and effort without charge to benefit the local community.
Thank you for the response. You may be a good choice for some schools, but, unfortunately, you don't seem to be a qualified candidate for our clients at this point of time . All our clients require a bachelor's degree and above. A secondary school diploma is ok in some cases but that must come with a TESOL/TEFL/CELTA and some teaching experience.
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Where is the school located in China? If it's in Beijing, where exactly is it? What district? What ring? What is the salary? Where is the private housing?
Hi, count me in. I am so interested in teaching in China. I have already forwarded my CV for your evaluation and processing. I am an English Communication major graduated with honors, and excellent grades, at one of the best schools in the Philippines. My email add is <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only>

Best Regards.
HI HOW ARE YOU?, i wanted to write it but im not a member yet , you know i would love to work in CHINA , im from Iquitos PERU , i have 2 years of experience , i will be able to answer your letter , my email is
love diana
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