English Teachers wanted in Mianyang, China
James Economic & Cultural Exchange Center
English teachers are wanted in Mianyang, China. Mianyang is famous for pandas and Jiu Zhaigou, the well-known scenic area which is a UNESCO world heritage site and is called "fairyland under heaven", also Mianyang is not far from Tibet. The position is to train school students and adults oral English. 16 working hours from Monday to Friday. Class sizes are restricted to 45 students per class and the available teaching facilities are of a high quality and standard. If interested, please contact Jim, email <email address removed by mod.>
-Must be a Native Speaker of English from Britain, America, Canada and Australia;
-Must be willing to make at least 4-month contract;
Must be healthy and quick thinking.
About the Conditions provided by the school:
- Supply stable salaries: 3000 RMB a month for 16 hours' work per week; and if you do want to make
more money, we can offer more teaching hours, extra pay for extra work!
Note: The living expenses in Mianyang is quite low, 4ooRMB covers almost everything, like the food, electricity, etc. 400RMB in Mianyang is actually 800RMB in Beijing.
- Supply a furnished apartment --- with furnitures, telephone, TV set, refrigerator, air-conditioner, micro-waver, cooking utensils and computer on broad band internet on free,
- Offer reimbursement of international air ticket after one- year contract.
James Economic & Cultural Exchange Center
Background: James Economic & Cultural Exchange Center
is a licensed and professional foreign teacher recruitment agency. Our teachers come from the major English speaking countries of the world. Our services include: legal work and stay permits, daily living, local travel to Tibet and Jiu Zhaigou etc.
Contact person: Jim
The following photos are famous senic spots in or around Mianyang!

I am interested in teaching English in Mianyang. I have a B.S. degree, but no teaching experience. What qualifications do I need to be able to teach English in this city.
Thank you,

Jeanne Isbell
If you are still looking for English teachers in Mianyang I would like to speak with you. I have made several trips to China in the past year. I have some teaching experience but no degree. I taught a "Toast Master International" style course for a number of years. I am comfortable in any class room forem. I have never met so many people so wanting to learn from the outside. One gets used to being approached at the markets or on the bus with people using Chinglish and wanting to converse and learn more. When in Nanning last spring I was invitied to a place I know only as English corner. There were 2 or 3 people from Canada and America.
They were surrounded by locals there just wanting to learn English. I soon had attracted a number of students and teachers there. It was hard to get away and then only with the promise of returning the next day. A teachers dream is to have willing and excited pupils.

Jeff Greaser[cal]3 November 2008[/cal]