English Teachers Wanted In Sichuan,China
We need three-four foreign teachers who come from the USA, Canada, Britain , or Australia. Teachers with teaching experience have priority. No matter male or female.

Work place: Leshan , about one and a half hour drive from Chengdu through highway. There are 10000 students in the school. Leshan is one of the most beautiful places of interests in china. It is famous for the biggest Buddhist statue. Apart from these, the fantastic sightseeing also attracts many tourists every year.

Education: must be native English speaker with a degree in any field. Teaching qualifications and experience are necessary.
Contract terms:
Contract duration: at least one year
Starting date: 2/5/2003
Working place: Sichuan
Workload: 20 classes per week
Monthly salary (RMB):3500-4200RMB
Air fare (RMB): one way
Board: free suite
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Teresa Chen

Sichuan oriental continuing education institution, one item of famous oriental education groups in china is in Chengdu, Sichuan province, west of china. Chengdu, panda’s hometown, is a beautiful city with wonderful climate, and it is also a famous ancient cultural city.
There are several subordinate parts of the institution, they are Chengdu oriental bilingual school, Mianyang oriental bilingual school, No. 1 Middle School of Nanchong, Chongqing oriental school and English training center, all the campus are very beautiful . The age of the students is between 7 and 17. Some of the students are adults. Our purpose is to offer the people continual education or lifelong education. The main major is English, computer and accounting. As an English training center, we have cooperated with some international organizations for several years. The program includes special English course training, English teaching, offering foreign teachers to teach during holidays, management training, translation and proofreading.
What does RMB stand for and what is the equivalent in US Dollars.
Hello, I'm a teacher here and i will like to apply for the post of a teacher. I'm available anytime.
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