I have 3 weeks before I start the CELTA and during this time I wish to improve my grammar as much as possible. Does anybody have any other ideas than reading and helping students on this site - which I'll do anyway.

Many Thanks

thanks for sharing...Its great that you wish to improve your grammar...
I kow that I need to improve my grammar to be able to teach it. I know what is right and wrong most of the time but explaining it I find difficult.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Hi Dave,

Once you're on the course, you'll be learning about how to teach it, and while it's good to be prepared, some things will just take time... Emotion: smile

My advice would be to go to a good bookshop and have a look at some different grammar books. Buy the one or two that look useful (ie. easy to look up in later as a reference). One book that we recommend to our students (and to new teachers) is Raymond Murphy's English Grammar in Use.

Hope that helps!
Thanks Oliver.

I have alerady bought the English Grammar in Use textbook, but I agree it is a good book. I have already done various courses on training so am confident that teaching itself I quite happy with and also aware that you don't need to know everything to teach a subject. I'll let you know how I get on.