GeTeacher – Recruitment Specialists for ESL Teaching in China

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity in China? Why not explore the long history of its culture and experience flourishing modern Chinese life while at the same time gaining working experience and improving your skills.

GeTeacher is a specialist recruitment agency located in the UK, working with quality teaching institutions. We are here to help find you the right China-based teaching position and to remove the uncertainties involved in relocating and working overseas through the provision of step-by-step guidance, including assistance with your visa application process.

Excellent Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for dozens of excellent and exciting teaching opportunities within China, comprising a diverse range of positions – from teaching young learners at the entry-level of English to mature students, and from online teaching positions to classroom and one-to-one teaching roles, we have opportunities to suit all English-teaching professionals whether experienced or just starting out on their ESL journey. Our positions are based in a range of cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

Different Job Types Available

  • Full-time

  • Contract (flexible hours)

Competitive Salaries

Our positions offer very competitive salaries, typically ranging from 15,000 – 30,000 RMB per month.

Great Benefits

All positions also offer benefits ranging from housing allowance to additional benefits including, for example, contract completion bonus, health insurance, paid national holidays, sick pay, airport pick-up, airfare reimbursement, free meals and gym access. (Specific benefits offered vary between schools.)

Register with Us

For more information on the vacancies we have available, please visit our website:

or register your interest by sending an email to Email Removed">Email Removed

Please note that in order to meet Chinese working visa requirements, we can only accept candidates fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Full DBS check

  • Native speakers only from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa

  • Bachelor’s Degree or above

  • Qualifications in Education or English, i.e.: TEFL (120 hours or above), TESOL, CELTA etc, or two years teaching experience with approved referrals

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