helo madam/sir! please tel me what r the problems faced by the paistani learner while learning tenses of english?

You seem to be a Pakistani learner. Can you try to start by telling us what you think the problems you face are?

Best wishes, Clive
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sir i just want to know what are the problems faced by the Pakistani learner while learning tenses of English?

You don't want to do any work yourself to try to answer this question?Emotion: crying

You have learned some English tenses.

Was it easy for you?

English presents a number of issues to non-native (and sometimes native) speakers. It is grammatically unlike other languages, even those from which it has borrowed large vocabulary groups, and possesses a number of irregularities. Understanding these features of English may help the non-native speaker grasp the language and help native speakers see why learning English can be so difficult.

1. One problem with learning English is that is not directly related to many languages. The two closest are Scots and Frisian, but even these are not, for the most part, mutually intelligible with English. One of the things that makes learning a new language easier is already speaking a related language, and very few people speak languages closely related to English.


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