Someone provided a link for a software that reads (English) texts with either a British or American accent, but I've lost it.
Could you give it again? Thanks!
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was it this speaking dictionary, Anne?

http://www.answers.com / [:)]
No, it actually reads texts
You open your text file in that particular programe, and a voice reads it
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AAAAH! Thanks! I remembered "readit", but of courseI was wrong! Emotion: crying

PS: Why "of course", by the way?
Why "of course", by the way?

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As if it were normal that I was wrong. There are enough persons around me who will say "of course you were wrong".
Aah. I know that feeling all too well. My husband will even change the discussion to prove I am wrong!! I suppose it's a matter of confidence, because it's never bothered me to say "I don't know" or even - "oops - wrong again!" Emotion: smile
I'll train muself to write/say: "Oops! for once I was wrong !"
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