Hey all,

I'm about to start teaching a German beginner with no prior knowledge of English. Can anyone recommend an interesting and proven course to use? It should include student and teacher's books, perhaps a workbook and some kind of audio media (preferably CDs).
His aim is everyday conversation as well as holiday English.

There are so many courses on the market, I don't know where to start! Naturally, one aimed German learners would be best.

Also, if anyone knows of any contrastive guides of English and German (in either language), I'd be very interested to hear.

Thanks in advance for any good advice Emotion: smile


You haven't mentioned how old he is. However, as you mention holiday English I imagine that he is an older teenager or adult. In both cases I've found English File (1,2 and 3 at least) to be very useful and interesting. It has an excellent resource book to go with it. The course is the simplest I've come across and doesn't try to progress too fast.
You can also try looking through the teaching materials I've posted at;- www.tesljobs.com
go to teaching materials on the menu and refine your search.

I am also teaching English to German high school students in Dusseldorf. It will be conducted in the classroom and I believe the students already have a decent grasp, maybe somewhat remedial grasp, of the language. As I am there on a scholarship and only have one year to teach I wanted to taylor my lessons to be exciting, interactive and take a cultural approach. I was wondering if there was anything for this, maybe a publisher that is known for making English exciting or something. Thank you.