i don't understand the meaning of the phrase " on-year" ? What does "on-year" means ?

thank you


Can you provide some context, please?

Trân LưuI don't understand the meaning of the phrase "on-year"? What does "on-year" means ? mean?

After auxiliary do (do, does, did) you must use the plain form of the verb.

on-year. : a year marked by the regular or expected or full occurrence of something looked forward to
a good yield from his biennial fruit trees during their on-year.

MacMillan Dictionary

I can't be sure this is the meaning you're looking for, but it's the best that can be done when no context is given.


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in the three months ending in December, the economy shrank 2.9% on-year, the third straight quarter of declines

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I don't know what that means.