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3 times per week would be 3/7
Just wanted to be clear; among the U.S. medical community, that Rx specifically reads "tablets."

A physician indicating capsules, for example, would have written "cap." For some medications that come in both forms, the "T with a dot" indicates tablet, while "cap" would mean capsule. Very few would write for dosing in teaspoons, etc., although if they did, it would be "tsp.", etc.

Liquids are usually dispensed in mL.
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actually, no. 3/7 means 3 days ( 3 out of 7 days) example: a 10 day prescription would be 10/7
ok. let's say you came to my office and had a few kidney stones and i felt your pain was serious.

(patient name)

dilaudid 4mg
#90 (ninety)
sig T po q8h prn pain

theres a single dot over the "t" and it indicates to the RPh that you take one tablet.

your medicine bottle should read

hydromorphone 4mg

take one tablet by mouth every 8 hours as needed for pain

every doc has a different style. part of the pride of your DEA number is the ability to speak "the language"

healthcare professionals are a strange breed...
Hi Julie,
Prescription writing and its symbols are very much localised from country to country for easy understanding.
Mary D
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Ṫ = 1
ṪṪ = 2
ṪṪṪ= 3
Which font or character map in MS Word holds this symbol?

what dose this sybel mean #
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that also stands for how many pills they want to prescribe.
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