which verbs can be used in sentences as nouns? Are tre any rules? I mean that not always gerund forms (-ing) are used or needed.
(v) to spin : to turn round and round quickly
(n) a spin : a quick turning movement round and round
(gerund form) : spinning << also a noun

What a difference does it make for a native speaker for him/her to use "spin" or "spinning" ?
I can imagine that "spinning" gives a "more continous" impression.. Am I right?

What a rule can be applied here to use a verb like a noun?

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I'm not an English native speaker, but could you allow me to put my 2 cents?

The original sense of "spin" is to make threads from some material like wool. So the noun "spinning" is commonly used in this sense, i.e., "making some threads". The noun "spin" was coined relatively recently, i.e., in 19th century when the verb "spin" had already begun to be used in the sense of "turn around".

The -ing form creates the meaning "the act of -ing" or "the process of -ing". Other related noun forms do not necessarily create that sort of meaning.

Analyzing those sentences was very instructive.
(The process of analyzing those sentences ...)

We need to do more sentence [analysis / *analyzing].
(Here "analyzing" would not be correct.)

The dryness of the clothes depends on the number of [spins / *spinnings] in the machine.
(Here "spinnings" would be incorrect. It's not the number of processes of spinning that is in question.)

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