Hello community,

Its my first post here.

I have a following question:

How can I have my video dubbed by a voiceover artist?

I basically aim to have a YouTube channel but because my English accent is not very good, I want to have it voiceover-ed by a voiceover artist from Fiverr. Any idea how it works? ( not how to hire a voiceover artist but how the merging part works : ) )

Thanks everyone.

Basically I


Hi Aflaam;

We answer questions concerning all aspects of the English language. Your question is more of a technical question. They probably use an app like Audacity to create and merge two tracks - the voice track and the video track. There is also an app mp4box GUI that extracts/merges/splits video tracks. I've used Audacity quite a bit, but not mp4box.


Hi aflaam

You will need two files, a video and audio file. Then you will need to use some video editing software such as windows movie maker or lightbox (which is free and better than WMM, in my opinion). Then it's just a case of importing the audio file and synchronising it with the video. You can find plenty of tutorials on youtube showing how to use video editing software.

Good luck.