Is jalebi sold in any of the English speaking countries? It's a very tasty sweet thing!


If you know what jalebi is, could you please tell me the English name for this?


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Hi Tom

I'm not familiar with that, but I imagine it can be found here in stores specializing in "Indian food" or possibly at Indian restaurants. I would expect the same name to be used here.
My parents are from India, and I'm a US citizen. All the times I've heard "jalebi", it is written out how it sounds. Most English words for Indian foods (like chapati or masala) aren't translated into their direct meanings.
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Amy, try it, and you'll love it...but make sure it is crisp and hot.

English name for jalebi is funnel cake.
Are you sure?
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Jalebi is called as Funnel Cake in English,
I also think "funnel cake" is probably the closest thing we have to this, although jalebi sounds much more complex and delicious.

But thanks to Wiki, we have an exhaustive list of fried dough deliciousness in every land. My goodness, is there anything that hasn't been catalogued in Wikipedia?

Del, I just gained five pounds looking at that Wikipedia article!! (I was about to go out in search of real doughnuts, but the description of "fried coke" pretty much killed my appetite. Just as well!)

Also, to clarify the funnel cake comparison -- funnel cake is made in a way similar to jalebi, but funnel cake is puffy and sweet and served with sugar on top.
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