Guajarati coming from Hindi 'bangla' with the meaning of 'bangala' or bengal' to call a single-story- house.

from Urdu 'pay-jamah', literally 'leg garment'

via Hindi from Portuguese 'varanda' = 'railing, balcony'

from Hindi 'opi' = 'hat'

via Hindi 'pait' from Sanskrit 'paita' = 'learned'

via Old French 'candi' from Arabic 'qandi' = 'crystalised into sugar'

from Arabic 'gul' = demon in Islamic folklore

via Hindi 'hag' = robber, cheat, from Sanskrit 'sthagayati' = 'covers, conceals'

from Urdu 'kamar-band' = 'waist-band'

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Ufff, how difficult.
I don't know more.
Which of those words are commonly used nowadays? Please?
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Hi Elena,
All of them are in common use, but perhaps 'thug' is now used to mean a viscious or brutal villain. Someone who inflicts or threatens to inflict bodily injury upon his victim/s.
Thank you Mike in Japan
So, you were not Japanese and I called you JapaneseM in my riddle!

Two more

Via Hindi 'jagal' , literally “wasteland,” from Sanskrit jagala “dry.”

From Hindi lu
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jungle( hindi) = forest
cheetah( hindi)
this will help u a lot i hope


take care
Kerak(key-raak) = crack :=D
Elena, no problem - I am an Aussie.
Ah, Jungle and loot.

Jungle is used in English to mean dense and tangled vegetation, and yes, it is widely used.

Loot is a great word. It has the same meaning as booty, which is also a great word. They mean goods or money taken from an enemy, or by theft. I think the sound of these words suits their meaning. When I hear either of these words I immediately think of Ali Baba winking and rubbing his hands together in glee.
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Inglish, what does kerak mean? In English crack has a few meanings, in Ireland it can mean fun or a party
Actually its Hindi. I dont know the exact spelling but its pronounced like key-raak.
Kerak doesnt exactly means crack.
but in hindi its used to define a persons mentality. If I say "he is kerak". I am saying "he is angry type of person" or "he is mentally disabled".
Ah, I see.
In English we can say "He has cracked" meaning his mental state has dramatically and perhaps suddenly changed, probably for the worse.
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