Hi everyone!
It's been a long day but we're finally live with version 6!

To read more info we've updated our status blog:

Information on Version 6 and some words from HitchEmotion: smile
(not a judgement!) I notice "unverified questions" is gone. That will make some people happy!

The "questions with no replies" and "discussions with no replies" present the same "comprehensive" list. I don't spot any of the troublesome "usenet" posts. Are they /will they still be there?

Is it your intention to continue to allow the OP to decide whether a thread will be a question thread or a discussion thread? If so, what is the point of offering both questions and discussions (with no repy) lists?

Best wishes - A.
Hi all,

I don't know if it's the right place to discuss this technical point, but it seems to me there is some problems with checkbox inside "Edit Profile" menu, inside "About" item !

The checkboxes for "friend confidentiality" are no more available both with IExplorer and last release of Firefox !!

Thanks by advance Emotion: wink
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Avangi - Yes, the usenet posts have been removed from those lists.
The point of the seperate lists is so that members can chose to either answer questions or engage in discussions that don't have replies yet. Do you see room for improvement there to make it more clear? Let us know.

ImHoTeP - Thank you, we missed that!
Hi Punky,

I probably didn't go far enough in comparing the two lists. I was mainly concerned with easy and hard grammar and vocab, in which the OP makes the choice.
Perhaps there are other fora where that option is not available.

Okay, now I see that the lists are different. I could have sworn yesterday that they were the same. Sorry about that.

Apparently no one is selecting the "Discussion" option, because I can find no grammar or vocab posts in the "discussion" list.

So although some of those endless grammar controversies end up unresolved, it's quite likely that the OP only wanted a simple answer, and did not anticipate a discussion.

This seems to be quite workable.

My only suggestion would be to make the forum name more obvious. Often the thread list provides only one or two words, which sometimes don't give a clue. Perhaps the header could be fudged to share a bit more of the thread title space with the forum name.
I suppose a veteran user would eventually be able to spot his forum by a single word.

My original question was based on the mistaken impression that the two lists were identical. I can't imagine how that happened. Sorry. Emotion: embarrassed

So all of the question threads are eventually supposed to get the yellow snow treatment? - assuming there's a suitable answer in someone's opinion?

I know this is a separate issue, but that damned juggling of the thread order really messes up the sense of the thread. I realize you view each post in an answer thread as being unrelated to any other post in the thread, but that's far far far from the case, in my opinion.
In addition to all the improvements that have been made, I want to mention another useful one: you can add forum sections to favourites and follow the activity there from the home page (see the screenshot below). Enjoy!

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