Hello ,
I am new to the forum and this is my first posting..hope you all like it?

Enigma thy name is woman..

Enigma thy name is woman
Mystery thy name is woman
Unresolved , still resolved
Unknown, still known
Admit knowing her
And you are
Dead with her mysterious ways
Admit not knowing her
You are lifeless
Without her enigmatic aura
Resolved, unresolved
Mystery, enigma
After all you know her!


We are master craftsman!

We are master craftsman!
And look at our creations
Of nuclear toys and what not
And how we have created it?
By opening the lips and shutting the heart
By opening the eyes and shutting the vision
By destroying the friendship and buying a friend
We go to art galleries to buy paintings
But forgetting to see the beautiful painting by HIM
Very well done SUR.
I liked them a lot, especially the first one.
By the way, welcome to Forum
The first one is great! The second one needs some more work. What do you mean by the beautiful painting by him?
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Hi Sur.
i like the second one. Actually I have written one with a similar( very) feeling, called Humanity.
Keep on writing.