"The program [Signal] is popular with journalists, human rights activists, and whistleblowers— Snowden says he uses the program every day 45 — but it hasn’t reached a mass market. In late 2019 the iPhone app store listed it as the forty- fifth most popular social media app, equaling the popularity of niche dating apps like Grindr and Kinkoo. Enter Jan Koum and Brian Acton, the founders of WhatsApp, a messaging service with over one and a half-billion users world-wide today. In 2014, Koum and Acton sold WhatsApp to Facebook for almost $20 billion but retained day- to-day control of the company." (Ethan Zuckerman, Mistrust: Why Losing Faith In Institutions Provides the Tools to Transform Them)

Do you have any idea what the emphasized sentence might mean?

alibey1917Do you have any idea what the emphasized sentence might mean?

That is a special use of the verb "enter". It is taken from old-fashioned stage directions. It means "Into the scene I have just described come these two guys somewhat as if they are actors coming on stage".

SCENE V. Elsinore. A room in the castle.

Enter QUEEN GERTRUDE, HORATIO, and a Gentleman


I will not speak with her.

( http://shakespeare.mit.edu/hamlet/hamlet.4.5.html )


Thank you, friend, I got it.