1/I am a new student . after paying the school fee , I will be given an entry form to enter the classroom .

2/I am a new student . after paying the school fee , I will be given an admission form to enter the classroom .

Are the above sentences correct ? when say entry/ admission form I mean a piece of paper which says I have paid school fee and I am allowed to enter the classroom to study the subject I registered

Please correct entry/ admission form if these words are not correct.

Thanks a lot
Either expression can be used. If you do not have a lot of English speakers where you live, there may be no standard way locally to refer to that form in English.

If that's so, I can't tell you to call it whatever most of the English speakers in your area call it. You are in the position of inventing the term yourself. So, as I said, use either one, or whatever you wish to call it. Emotion: smile

In your place, however, I think I'd call it an admissions receipt -- the receipt for payment of fees given to you by the department of admissions. You have to show your admissions receipt to gain entrance to the class.

Thank you Calijim,

But when I say entry form or admission from I mean just a piece of paper filled out with the student's name , the class he is allowed to enter.It does not say anything about the school fee.This form is often used by Foreign Language Centers in my country (of course only in my native tongue , and now I want to translate it into English ) .Please see the sample form below (translated by myself )

Admission form

Name of student :......

Class: .......

Date :.....

Please help me translate it exactly

Thanks a lot