1. What does "but is also negatively desired" mean?

2. Does "black man internalises the inscription of race on the skin" mean

  • a) black man reflexes the racial concepts onto the skin


  • b) black man internalises the racial concepts that are available on the skin"?

3. What does "epidermalise" mean?


A paradox ensues whereby blackness becomes a signifier of that which needs to be made invisible, but is also negatively desired. The black man internalises the inscription of race on the skin, epidermalising this relation which casts him as other, inferior and invisible in his all-too-visible visibility. On the one hand, he is fixed ‘as a chemical solution is fixed by a dye’, but on the other hand he becomes a projection screen onto which the various myths, fantasies and fears about the other are deposited in the bid to secure the white colonial subject (Art and Psychoanalysis by Maria Walsh).

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