"The cradle of life confronting man in an equanimous, steadfast, unrelated way."

Supposed that "nature" is seen poetical as a "living character", it can be "equanimous"?
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To be equanimous is to have a calm nature.
Yes, but is it OK to use it in this context?
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If this is your writing, I'd say it's too heavy and pretentious, but perhaps we need more context. Relax.
Thanks. Then it's alright, because it's just the description of a dramatic instrumental song, the dark side of romanticism.
Before you relax totally, your sentence needs a verb. (unless its a line of verse)

I've never heard or seen this word before (only the noun version). Thanks for a new experience. Go for it!

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Hm, if "equanimous" is that rare, maybe "imperturbable" would fit as well?
Hi, Anon,

I read your line five times before I realized your word is "unrelated." I read it as "unrelenting," because of the context. Do you really mean, "unrelated"?? It doesn't seem very "confrontational."

- A.
Oh yes, "unrelenting" probably fits better than "unrelated", thanks!
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