hey I'M here.......hello, everybody. I am a stranger. I come from China.

It's my great honor to be here. Please let me to join the forum.

I am eager to make friends with u.

Here is my picture. It is about "tian an men "(or Gate of Heavenly Peace).

The building has witnessed some of the most pivotal moments in modern China.

It is grand and impressive, isn't it ?

perhaps the angle of the photo is not good... the building seems smaller

if you want to see more pic ,,,,, i leave a address ,,, http://photo.wangyou.com/id/2712290
Alex_zhao It is about "tian an men "(or Gate of Heavenly Peace).

Hi Alex,

Great picture and thanks for the info about "Tian an men". I didn't know that it means Gate of Heavenly Peace.

i saw an article in washington post ,,,it translate the world "tian an men" from ","Gate of Heavenly Peace" ^ _ ^
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welcome here!Emotion: smile
I don't see your happiness in this picture. You make face as if
you were forced to take photograph . Emotion: big smile . However , you are
handsome .
thanks,,,, i am not used to making a habitual smile Emotion: big smile

nice to meet all of you. Emotion: smile
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the picture is so sweeet ... but why are u so angry !! it looks like u wanna fight Emotion: smileEmotion: big smile but u look cute try to smile ok

hope to be friends ^_^
I really really would looooove to visit China, I was about to but had to delay it for some reasons.
P.S: nice hair