I am listening my sister’s disc of Era and I have to say that I really like some of the songs. The problem is I cannot understand most of them. Do you know if there is an English translation for songs like “Enae Volare Mezzo” and “The Mass”. I really need to know what I am saying… don’t you agree? [:^)]


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I'm finding it difficult to find a translation for Era's songs! By the way, do you know what language they sing in?

It sounds like latin but actually it is not

See you!!

The Mass Translation to English

Always increasing
Or decreasing
The detestable life
Now difficult
And then easy
With your games sharpens

Now difficult
And then easy
With your games sharpens
Dissolves like ice

Often my health
And my virtue
Are now contrary for me
And defective
Always in torment
In this hour
without delay
Take the pulse of my heart

In this hour
Without delay
Take the pulse of my heart
Which through fate
She overthrows my strength
Weep all of you with me

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Yes, I am having a similar issue with other Era songs such as "Impera" It is not Latin, but it is also not Italian. Spanish words would end with more consonants, and it does not look French. I have thereby exhausted the romance languages that I am used to looking at. The only ideas I have come up with is that it is either an older form of Latin, misspelled somewhere, or like Enya's "Adiemus" it is not really words at all but rather sounds to compliment the music.
hello , I also find it difficult

I could find a translation for ameno :

Dori me interimo adapare dori me
Take me to the inside absorb take me
Ameno ameno lantire lantiremo dori me
Disclose disclose hidding hidding oneself take me
Ameno omenare imperavi ameno
Disclose unperceived signs disclose
Dimere dimere mantiro mantiremo ameno
Tell me tell me war like spirit martyr disclose

Omenare imperavi emulari ameno
Emulate unperceived signs disclose
Omenare imperavi emulari ameno
Emulate unperceived signs disclose

Ameno ameno dore ameno dori me ameno dori me
Disclose disclose the silence disclose take me disclose take me
Ameno dom dori me reo ameno dori me ameno dori me dori me am
Disclose soldier take me away disclose take me disclose take metake me now

and someone has put his e-mail :

he says that he's from iran , and the disks are sold there with their persian translation , he says he can help translating them into english
actually it's a fictiv laungage.
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It's probably either an older dialect of French (when the original Latin was still around) or a fictional language based off older dialects of French plus Latin, probably the latter.
I can't find a translation of Enae Volare Mezzo either, but "diavole" most likely refers to "devil", and "malevo" or something like that to "evil". "Cantare" and "pensare" are "sing" and "think" respectively.
Dont necessarily look at the words to translate but try instead to read between the lines

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the langueage the lyrics are in is Latin. I think that it's for all of them. not sure. just do wat i do. go to goo translate, copy and paste the lyrics from an era song, hit Latin then english and there u go!
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