This is the first time that i write a motivational letter and I hope that you could give me advices to make it clearer and better. I'm not confident on my english skill and I would really appreciate your help.

info: i'm italian and i study architecture and urban design


Dear Sir/Madam,

My purpose for applying to Erasmus mobility derives, not only from the desire to travel, but also because I want to know and to live a culture different from mine and I have the ambition to learn as much as possible during my studies in hope of becoming a competent architect.

Moreover, this program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which will create new opportunities for expand my education and help me in my prospective career.

A simple holiday doesn’t allow to really live a city, on the other hand I strongly believe that Erasmus make it possible to consider the new city a home and this is the goal of my first and second choice, indeed the opportunity to become Erasmus student in Japan or China is a unique experience for me to confront whit a completely different reality and the occasions to learn both a different culture and a different approach to architecture.

During the last two years I asked myself what I want to study, what I like and what kind of work I want to undertake. I have found out, that I would like to specialize in Urban Design because thanks to the professors and the Italian context I realize how much architecture influences society and I want to continue to study this field. I believe that an architect cannot be satisfied with focusing exclusively on your own country and this program is the best tool which to know architecture and foreign cities and learn new societies, cultures, traditions and histories. I am excited to exchange ideas with different people all over the world, hear their perspectives, understand cross-cultural differences and improve international communicative skills.

Lastly, I would like to start this experience because I consider it a great opportunity to test and understand myself and my goals more deeply both on a personal and educational level. I feel that I have not satisfied my urge to learn, especially when there is so much still to learn all round the world and i want to fall in love of another country, its culture and its art, learning the language, the history and expand my contact network.

Thank you in advance for the attention you are giving for reviewing my application.

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