In the early 1900’s, Roy Harris created (and promoted) a (distinctly) American (style) of classical music and greatly influenced a number of (composer) in the United States.

The answer they give me is D: changing 'composer' to 'composers'.
Yes, it is right. But what happen to B 'distinctly'? Can adverbs modify nouns? ' a distinctly style'? I don't think so.
Hi Jeff,

No, 'distinctly' is an adverb modifying the adjective 'American'.
Ah-huh, I can't believe it. We need an adverb to modify because the word 'American' here? I mean can we just put two or more Adjs side by side before nouns to modify them, say, 'a distinct American style'.
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Both ways are possible, depending on what you want to modify-- another adjective, or the base noun.

In this case--

(1) A distinctly American style
(2) A distinct American style
(3) A distinct, American style --

(1) gives us 'a style which is clearly American', while (2) gives us 'one American styles which is distinct from the other American styles'. (3) tells us that it is an American style and it is also a distinct (easily distinguished) style.

There may be other opinions-- I am having an unusually fuzzy day, and you may have noticed that I have edited this post twice now.
I see Mr Micawber. I can completely understand it. Thank you very very much. You're so kind.

Actually, I was doing my homework, going my way thru this question, and found these words 'distinctly American style'. Then I stopped reading the following part of the sentence. I took for granted that it was definitely wrong. And I didn't notice 'American' and the following 'composer' too. So when I checked out the answer key, I was shock.

So I posted this question here. When you pointed out the error, I attempted to exculpate myself. Actually, I know both of them are okey.

Thank you. hehe

Anyway, Mr Micawber, how come I cannot open your website?
I don't know, Jeff-- it just opened for me when I clicked the link under my name to the right of my post.
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I tried many times Mr Micawber, really. But it just don't open for me, and the little tiny window always pops out, and says 'the operation timed out when attempting to contact ca.geocities.com.

Please tell me, what's your website all about. I really want to take a peek. Is there any other way to get access to?
All I can suggest is try it again tomorrow-- sites time out on me sometimes too (including this one) on bad days.

You're doomed to disappointment, though-- it's just a standard Yahoo pre-fab advertising my little school and offering my students a few quizzes.
Ok I'll try, and I guess I like those quizzes.
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