Can you please help me in finding the error in the below?

She wishes that she has more time
to study computer programming.

I feel like it should be C i.e "has" but not sure why and what should be the correct sentence.

As per reported speech format "wishes" is present simple, hence after that "she has" is correct also. I am confused with present reported speech format.

You have not spaced the letters correctly or undelined the words concerned. . It has nothing to do with reported speech or the tense of 'wish'. 'Wish' is a verb that takes a subjunctive subordinate verb:

She wishes she had...
She wished she had...
She will wish she had...
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Sorry Mister, i didn't realize that..

A. wishes.
B. that
C. has
D. to Study

but anyway..i got the answer. It should be had rather has. thanks so much for the ans.
Had been