I asked this as a guest, but my post hasn't been up yet (they said within an hour). This is pretty urgent though, so I hope you guys don't mind if it comes up twice:

"But I sure was.... Just a little too slow on the draw this morning."

How many things are wrong with that sentence? Be very specific on what is wrong.
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"But I sure was.... Just a little too slow on the draw this morning."

-Starting with 'But' is bad form
-.... is terrible punctuation
-The sentence ends unexpectedly
-The last ‘sentence’ isn’t really formed correctly.

Do you mean?
“I was definitely a little too slow on the draw this morning!”
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Thanks! I spend a lot of time in forums, and when school starts...probably even more at sites like this!

I didn't write the sentence. I was having a minor debate with someone on the problems with the sentence. He said there was nothing wrong, and I claimed that there was.

Thanks for settling itEmotion: smile
Well, it depends. If it's in a very informal setting, then it's fine. Where did you find this sentence?
I don't think I get the meaning of this sentence.
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At a computer technology forum.

I think it would fit the more formal type of forum, since it is technology and not just a place for teenagers, or children to chat.
Then it is BAD. BAD BAD BAD. Yell at your friend for me.