I have to design applications and I wonder which tense should be used for an error/success messages that are displayed after the user makes an action.

Example: if a user tries to change his password, what should the message say?

  • Your password has been changed successfully

  • Your password was changed successfully
Same for error messages, let's say the user did not confirm his password correctly:

  • The password was not confirmed correctly

  • The password has not been confirmed correctly
I am sure I saw both versions, which ine is correct?

Thanks a lot!
For stuff which is very recent, I'd use the present perfect.
well yes this is always recent since those are feedback messages right after the user clicks on a button or so.

I have seen many times things like:

"The password you entered was not correct", although the user just tried to login a second before.

"The password you have entered is not correct" is better ?