Please help me correct the following passage!!!!!

correct and clssify the error as G(grammar) Sp ( spelling) WO ( word order) P ( punctuation) V (vocabulary) PR (prepositions) T (tense)

I had been in London for about four days , I saw the Tower of London ,the Tower Bridge the Big Ben and the other famous places of this city.To arrive in Bath, I brought a coach.The journey was long but I'm very happy to arrive in this town.I didn't stay here before, but all my friends who saw Bath tell me that it is very beautiful.I hope I enjoy myself very much.
Hi Shasham,

I think the best way is for you to try to do this yourself. Then post your work here and we will be happy to check it for you. OK?

Best wishes, Clive
You try it first, Shasam, and we'll check it for you.