Hi, What is the meaning of Escape and Evasion? It seems to me that the two words are identical. Comments would be highly appreciated.


I went to a few dictionaries, and then finally to Merriam Webster's dictionary online to read. It's fuzzy.


Escape (the act of succeeding and completely getting away from something) and Evasion (the details of how to avoid or hide, even if you don't completely escape) planning.

You should give the context of it.

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You should use a dictionary!

1. Planning an escape to get away or get completely free from something.

2. Planning to evade / avoid/ keep away from something.

"Escape and evasion planning" was the context, as I understood. Where did you see it?

Not identical. Imagine you are a prisoner of war in a prison camp. You escape, meaning you get yourself beyond the confines of the camp. So far so good, but now you have to evade the people sent out to bring you back.

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For what purpose do you need this?

There is obviously a difference, so it's for you to have a little more intellectual curiosity I think maybe.

SERE training in the military = survival evasion resistance escape. If you don't get out, you need other sets of skills.