Hello, I'm a current ESL student. I have a quiet discusion about the use of sinonims. The sentences are this:

"a person's or a group's usual food choices and _______________."

Unlike individual food plans, the diets of whole cultures and regions come from location, history, _____________, and tradition.

The words are CUSTOMS and HABITS.

I understand that habits apply for individual or personal use, and customs apply for individual and group use, that is my dilema, wich one is the best choice in the context and why.
The two aren't necessarily synonyms, if they were then one wouldn't sound better than the other in the blank spaces, this would imply that there was a subtle semantic difference. I would say that a custom is something that a group of people do as a matter of course, and a habit is what one person does on a regular basis. for example:

"in the church of England it is customary to baptise babies by...."
"in the church of England it is habitual to ......" *

* the star means that the second sentence would be less acceptable to a native speaker of English.

I hope that this helps.

The key word in the question is "culture" and the "matched" word should be customs

A Habit is something one does routinely everyday. It typically has a negative connotation, like a person with a bad habit of drinking, smoking or not washing his hands after a rest room trip.