Online Academy of English is currently recruiting qualified candidates for the position of ESL teacher. The position implies remote work.

We teach businessmen, coaches, sportsmen and artists who are focused on the result.

We are looking for teachers, who are ready to act fast and deal with various tasks, love to communicate and help others.

You will hold classes, provide students with clear and helpful feedback after each class and communicate with Online Academy staff.

Main responsibilities:

- English language teaching

- Result - oriented teaching

- Full-time (we provide not less than 30 working hours per week)


- You must be a native English speaker

- You must be enthusiastic and strive for self- improvement in teaching

- Genuine desire to help people learn English

- Experience in teaching

You will get:

- Remote- teaching

- Clients with an active life position

- United and friendly team

- Weekly payment

If you are ready to work, join us! We will be happy to welcome you in our team.

To apply:

Please send your CV to academy.super.native (at) (Email address edited by moderator, as the site automatically hides email addresses)

Our website:

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