Hi all!

Im trying to improve my english listening skill, but it's really difficult. I knew lots of the way to find resource online and i downloaded a lot from BBC or VOA... However I want to ask How can I use them effectively? I have a few answer, pls give me some advise

1. Trying to listen some times and read text script then listen again, it's ok when I read text script

2. Listen till I can hear them at least 80% then write them down, after that compare with text script and listen again (this way will lose lots of time)

Now Im too worry about my listening skill, pls help me!
in my opinion, the best way to improve your listening skill is to listen as much as possible. Emotion: smile. but you must do it frequently.
i have my own way to listen to tapes. firstly, i listen to the whole text once. secondly, i'll write down sentences i heard. then, i'll have a look at the script. finally, i'll listen to the text for several times.
i don't know whether it'll help you or not. but why don't you try it once? Emotion: wink
Thank u very much, I think u were right!
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In my opinion to improve english listening skill, u should listen eveywhere, everytime you can, you may listen from vidio, TV, contact with your friend more often, all is good for you, I thinks, time will make you better. I also do that.

Good luck to you!
Yes, you have to listen and practise as much as possible but it's not as easy since you have to take care who you are listening!
U know CrasyEnglish ?it tells us-----One or two useful sentence patterns can improve ur English more then ten years of study!U just need persist!Persist!Persist!U will find that English study is very easy and fun!
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