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English Reading?

hi i want to be a fluent reader of english with dictation ,kindly tell which software i must use

English Language Course In Urdu

Hello everyone. Does anyone know of any english language course in Urdu? Hope someone can help me find one and best would be from good experience, thank you!

An App For Looking Up Word Meaning In...

Hi, We have developed this app that let you look up words in video subtitle. Please give it a try and let us your feedback ...


what is food situation

The Noun From Clean?

what is the noun from "clean"

Is This Sentence Correct?

Hate is born to protect love. Make sure to hate for the right person. (A friend of mine wrote this. He tried a little poetry to go with his facebook dp. Anyway, I think that...

Who Is Oscar Lake? English Version?

Hey everyone. I am new to the forum. A few years ago, my dad bought me a game called "Who Is Oscar Lake? - Enlish." It's supposed to help with the English language. Unfortuneately...


We can put "The concert was to start at 8 p.m., but it was delayed (it started at 8.30)", can't we? Is it possible to say 'The concert was to have started at 8 p.m, but the singer...


Why we use "were" after as if


Hello! Does anybody has sample from ILETS? Thank you


how can i write a formal letter of dropping job


Can we say: I'd like to invite you in my birthady


Tets say I was asked to deliver construction material to a requestor and wanting to report back to the company I work for.. I say 'the 10ton load of gravel 'has been delivered...

Grammar Programs?!?

Have you ever tried programs like Grammarly? Does it really work? What do you think about programs like these? Do you use it?


he aint gonna want no cookies cake or ice cream for dessert.

Need An Essay?

hi can you write for me an essay topic is my struggles define m

Gorillas & Co. (CPE Reading, Selective...

An exercise to practise Paper 1 (Reading) of the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) of the University of Cambridge , Part 1 . In this part candidates are asked to...

Help With English Video?

Hello everebody. I need you help with video, I can't understand what he saying, I only start learn english and want to translate words, but can't understand. Its youtube video...

British English Accent Pronunciation Software

I would like to know if you know a web page or a software in order to practice the british accent, intonation and word pronunciation. I love English accent. and I want to practice...

Effective Research & Writing?

critical review

By Speaking In What Way?

By speaking in what way we will be different from others

Apart From Our Details What?

Apart from our details what should we speak different and interesting to attract the HR

Hello Guys.I Need Your Help.Can?

Hello guys.I need your help.can we turn word "feel" into ing form.i'm feeling sad,he is feeling worried.i have seen these sentences.are they correct?thanks


how to writte application letter for student I'd car lost and request for replacement.

Italki Or Alternatives? Video Teacher...

Can anybody recommend a good online english learning website to me? I thought about a website where you pay money to be teached via internet and video (skype ...), I don't like...
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