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Hi Guys Need Your Kind?

hi guys need your kind help again.'clark who is lazy sleeps everyday' 'clark who sleeps everyday is lazy'.which one is correct?why?

English In Practice?

I am looking for alternative of speaking7.com. Do you know any similar pages ?

Unlike The Trend In Modern Art To Subvert...

Unlike the trend in modern art to subvert reality, the trend in photography has yet to fall prey to such an impulse; photographs that lack verisimilitude are often seen as nothing...

English Or Grammar?

When do you use leave and live ?

Save Water?

Good afternoon, Do you have an explanation on how the following saves water? To save water, you should put a bottle of water or sand in the toilet cistern. Thanks.


Hi! Which books do you recommend for preparing IELTS?


how do you create a relationship database?

"Jock" And "Jok"?

I know that "jock" is a word for certain subculture, alright. But I saw people using it like a swear word close to "dick". Or am I mistaken? I also heard that "jock" is a pejorative...

How To Write Letter Of?

how to write letter of permission

How To Pass Ielts?

Dear Cris, I'm a first timer in ielts. I'l be taking the exam this septeber 18, 2004. I have not gone to any review center yet. Is there any other way i can pass the exam without...

The Collocations Dictionary?

What collocations Dictionary should i buy? Oxford collocations dictionary or longman collocations and thesaurus dictionary? Does Longman dictionary of contemporary english or...

Learning English?

how can I fin an englsh native speaker to tech me real Englis?


How can I play crosswords? What is the role of it?

Which Provider Is The Easiest?

Which provider is the easiest to create a web page for teaching

I Feel Like If Im?

I feel like if im in a cage its windy out but im not going to fly i reside in the city limits where my sister once reside

What Is The Correct Answer?

what is the correct answer to "Do I have to ....?

I'm Looking For A Good Study Material...

Hello, I loved BBC Words in the News as a study material (especially the part of "News stories"), but BBC had stopped updating it. [link]/ I'm now looking for another web site...

Add Complete Subject And Complete?

add complete subject and complete predicate the servere storm----------

Is There Any Self-Study General?

Is there any self-study general course book? Please, introduce me. my email is Email Removed

Approval - Valuable Books For Your Forum...

Hi,I am a researcher and teacher. I wanted to share 2 books I wrote on how to learn English or any language. One of the books, has a detailed program of doing it in 90 days. I...

Dropping Letter?



Hi, Please validate my answers for the following question. Please mark the correct answer also if I have marked wrong answer. 1. I lent Peter some money, so he ___ worry about...


Please validate the following questions and explain the wrong answers also 1) But, what if the design would have implicits detrimental overtones? (A) what if (B) implicits (C...


Hi, Please validate the following questions and correct the mistake. Find the mistake. 1. The International Bank has several of very good investment plans on offer to clients...


Please let me know if I made any mistake. I will appreciate if you help me in correcting the mistake. 1) The language in the purchasing agreement's fifth clause makes the terms...
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