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How to learn English

How to learn English>

  1. Motivation: Become a person who likes to learn English.
  • Dictionary: Get a good English dictionary.
  • No mistakes: Avoid mistakes. Try to use correct English from the beginning.
  • Pronunciation: Learn to pronounce English sounds. Learn to understand phonetic transcription and the phonetic alphabet.
  • Input: Get English into your head by reading and listening to lots of English sentences.

    • Reading

  • Movies
  • Adventure games
  • thanks anym... for this..
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    Hi Exclusive,

    You have indeed done a great work. Can you please provide some fundas specifically for improving accent? My problem is I don't realise where my pronunciaion is wrong. Obviously somebody else should identify the words and then I can rectify. But right now that does not seem possible. Is there any other way?

    Anyway thanks for your informations. I am sure that would help me a lot.


    thank you so much! for nice information!
    It's wierd that no one has mentioned podcasts. I was asking about this sort of media for a couple of days on this forum and still no response. Folks! Don't you really listen to podcasts as part of your learning process? It's a great thing, you could consider trying :-)
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    Nice tips, Man! Thanks!
    sir i am week in english language (reading,writing and speaking ) I want to improver please teach me through different teqniques .

    I read it which one is given above. its very wonderful its very useful for me. i will do that . but i need few more advice because. whenever i speak i put a stop and stop. because i dont know what i speak next so im going to search a word. that a main problem for me? can yu help me?
    Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
    Moving your home to the place of native English community is the best method.
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