We are a web-based, English language teaching organization with more than 3000 current clients. We offer a legitimate working opportunity for teachers to supplement their incomes by teaching online part-time.

We are currently recruiting part-time English Teachers who will use the TutorABC award-winning online English learning platform to teach adults on the web.

TutorABC offers you:

- Competitive base rate per class plus attractive bonus structure.

- Small classes (1–6 students per class) of highly motivated adult students.

- Full training on our Online Tutoring software will be given.

- All Classes use TutorABC lesson plans, no further class preparation necessary.

- All Class groups are comprised of students with similar levels of English ability.

- Long-term employment opportunity (most of our students sign up for two years)

- Over four years of experience teaching English online

- State-of-the-art online teaching platform

Teaching requirements / Personal qualifications:

- Energetic and professional personality

- College or university degree (preferred), or a current university student.

- Previous ESL teaching experience (preferred)

- Previous working experience in other fields

- Teaching availability suitable to TutorABC schedule

- Familiarity with using computers

Technical requirements:

- Pentium, 1GHZ or faster computer

- Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, 512mb or more RAM

- DSL, Cable or Fiber Optic Internet Connection (minimum of 512kps upload - check with your service provider)

- High Quality Webcam (recommend: Creative, Logitech)

- Headphone/Microphone set
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Please post more details here.
Where exactly are you?
Do you have a telephone or an office?

How do I proceed if I am interested?

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Did we ever get any more information on this? I'd be interested in more information.


I have over 30 years' experience in education and have an masters degree in teaching English. As my current contract is coming to an end I am looking for opportunities to supplment my income. English is my home language and I have all the computing requirements mentioned in your advertisement.

I would be grateful if you could email further information to me, if you still require online tutors. My email address is: Email Removed.

Thanks and best wishes

Peter Wanliss
I am English/spanish Teacher and I have experience with adults and secondary students.
Yes! I want to join!
Please post more details here.
Where exactly are you?
Do you have a telephone or an office?
How much do you pay?
how many times per week?
write all the details here please
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Updated information is available on the users website, a link to which is in the user's profile.
I would like to know more details of it. And yeah, can you post your telephone number here? Much thanks!
Just looked. Can't for the life of me see a link to a website in the user's profile. What am I doing wrong?
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