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How Difficult To Get Overall?

How difficult to get overall 6.0 point in Ielts test?

Reading Questions?

Can you guys help me? I'm Korean. I want to ask a question from an English-reading question book. the question is to find a statement which is not true from a dialogue. here...

General English?

i am supirior student.

Fundamental Right Mentioned In Our?

Fundamental right mentioned in our present constitution? write with justification.

Site Available For Listening?

Can anybody suggest if any site is available to study for Listening and answering the question as I'm going to write the English exam next week? Or any sample questions available...

Would Have?

If there is "would have" in second clause. What would be in the first clause

Which Exam Should I Take?

I am a 17 year old student who is in the last year of high school and I want to study in a foreign college. The colleges that I want to apply allow me to choose between IELTS...

Hi There , Who Know?

Hi there , who know some information about learning in british counsil exactly the intermediate level ? please , anyone who has some information i'll be very delighted if...

Is This Sentence Correct: I?

Is this sentence correct: I hv yet not seen.

If My CGPA Is 9.6?

If my CGPA is 9.6 what's my percentile?

IELTS Passage Problems?

Hello, The paragraph is depicted in the attached file. The question asks first what is the best heading for this paragraph. The answer is "Why our sense of smell is not appreciated...

IELTS Reading Question?

I'm preparing for the IELTS reading test. On my previous exercise, I've met a problem about the passage's detail question. Question no. 35, in the second picture, asks about a...

In Some Countries Older People Are Being...

The retirement age limit has been increased significantly in many countries.There are many controversial issues regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this. I will discuss...

New Video IELTS Academic Reading

I have put up a new video with useful tips for preparing for the IELTS academic reading test. You can find it at [link] I hope you find it helpful! Dr Norman


what actually it means? What is Alevel? Why is it different the science n management? Is it a difficult course?

True Or False , Help Me !!!?

i think it is FALSE, isn't it? ( the weather is not beautiful all of the time. perhaps you can remember a day when the bad weather made you afraid. one kind of the bad weather...

How To Create A Account At This Site?

I didn't find any where sign up or create account, please help me. how to create account here?


although the ports have the facilities to handle grain cargoes, the roads have been almost totally destroyed by the war, and it makes distribution of the grain difficult

Toefl & Ielts?

English is an international language. To learn English, we need some packed of tips and advice. So that we can improve our speaking become more fluent and confident with our English...

Video- Scoring Of IELTS Academic Writing...

I have just put together a video which shows how an examiner thinks and what he or she is looking for when marking the IELTS academic writing task 1. The video also goes through...

Reading Comprehension?

Modern milk tankers are lined with stainless steel. The protection is so good that the temperature of the milk changes only one or two degrees even when the distance travelled...

IELTS Techniques

i am going to take IELTS test (Academic) on 19th of this month. i have to obtain minimum 6.5 band. anybody please help me what are the basic tricks or techniques to do it well...

Answer Plz She Always Aspires?

Answer plz She always aspires _ _ _ the higher education? ?? For To By With


I'm trying to write an essay on Macbeth and need quotes that show the id in Macbeth, quotes that show the ego in Macbeth and quotes that show the superego. For the id the quotes...

Please! I Need " MLA?

Please! I need " MLA Handbook for Writers of a Research Paper forma PDF Please!
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