Hi guys

Can anybody help me with that assignment ?? I am not good at write essay

1. Write an essay (800-1200 words) in which you;

i) say which group you have selected and why this material is suitable for them.

ii) identify vocabulary that you would need to teach and say how you would teach it.

iii) briefly outline how you would use the text in a reading or listening lesson, using the standard formula of warmer/pre-teach and a comprehension task

Groups :

A. A mixed nationality class of sixteen pre-intermediate 13 and 14-year-olds on a short holiday course in an English speaking country. (CEFR Level A2)

B. A mixed nationality group of twelve new adult immigrants with very little English living in an English speaking country. (CEFR Level A1)

C. A class of seven intermediate adult male professionals in Saudi Arabia who need English for business purposes. (CEFR Level B1)

D. An upper-intermediate class of 20 teenagers (male and female) in Spain. (CEFR B2)


I was wondering if anyone has completed this task. I had a few questions and was wondering if anyone could help?