1. Tell us about a club/activity you are passionate about. Why is it important to you and how has it shaped your identity?
This essay I use to apply for a camp position. I love this camp much and I want to try one time even though my writing is not good
Please help me correct. Thank you so much
-“Give me a hand”
- “I think that we should do something before the games starting”
- “That is not right. Tug or war game needs a larger yard”

They are our club members prior to the Orientation 2017, an annual event, in my high school. When I was grade 10, the first time I have tried a position as one of the event organizers, I was successful and became a part of CYB CORE family. If somebody asks me whether I am tired everytime beginning an event, I will honestly say “Yes”, however, I never remember how it shapes. Exactly, I am passionate about CYB CORE as well as I feel at home. CORE is a place connecting people from different grades without any standards. All members have experienced from the jokes led to laugh without end to the moment working hard or busy for preparing before each new activities as a whole.

With CYB CORE, I used to be shy for the first time, satisfied with my attempts and tried to be better. Also with CORE, I was so proud the success of our team, was excited about unforgettable volunteer travel to Mu Cang Chai district and so on. Those memories with CYB CORE in my high school life have saved in my mind as the most beautiful picture. The content team, however, changes members every year still is the most talkative team. Being a content group leader, I have to learn the way to do more works as well as to concentrate on my team. At CORE, I see myself becoming more adult, thereby more loving every moment. Finally, if CORE is home, we all are a big family by which we want to hold tight the youth over flowers.

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