Nowaydays, it is undoubtedly true that when people's living of standard is improve, needs and wants of them also increase significantly and it is common that they will always care their new things in spite of having new something before. The following essay focus on main causes why they just use something in short-time and propose some solutions to adress this issue.

In term of the leading factors, it can be suggested that it is result of people's income they earn. We can be easy to realize that because their salary is really high in each term, they can get anything they would like to, even they do not need take a notice of the previous things they have had. Moreover, they prefer having luxury life to present. By doing this, they have not respected currently furnitures, which they have to be hard-working to buy it. In addition, they might not know that all over the world, hundreds of million people have a poor life, do not have food to eat, inplement to use as well as need eveything to have life-long better. For instance, such as in my village, some rich houses they are really wasting something which for another people , it is best or the newest despite being it expensive. They might must regret their actions.

A number of drastic measures can be taken in order to reach an ideal consequences. People should give their old thing to other people who really need it or recycle and reuse. This lead to help disasble, old people or saving money and use them better than new things thet get. What is more, they can contribute them to volunteering funds to help children, elder worker who do not have shelter. Hence, they feel comfortable and anybody can also see this that humanity.

To sum up, I do not think this status will existed forever, they will realized these and deal with them in positive trends.


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