Education is a noun being quite accustomed to everyone and most of the children educated all over the world. However, many people believed their future's kids are destroyed when they don't punish the children in study. I agree with this issue. Discussed below are several reasons in favor of my perspectives.
But frankly speaking, actually the young is affected by their surrounding environment. The parents do not establish a habit of study for the kids when they were young, however, when the kids grow up, they must receive huge knowledge from school. In other words, if the students are not punished, they can not pay attention to study due not to their habits. Second, modern equipment appears such as kind of smart phones, computer, television...and the parents let their children use too early so they become based on intelligent devices. For instance, students do not know how to solve math homework, they will search on google which help them deal with that math exercise. It can be denied, that the youth depend smart phone or computer too much will reduce their thinking. The students is not managed strictly from parents about this problem if results in demolishing children's future.
What is more dangerous, the youth destroy themselves. I have feeling that the youth become more lazy than the past and they are not aware of importance study. Not only do they not do homework but they also do not learn lesson after going home. But for parents's requirement. Most of the children do not want to go to school. The pupils even have no clue for their future, dreams. They go to school and go home with nothing in their heads. If the teachers or parents gives no rough treatment. The students become more bad, because they do not take any notice of lessons.
To sum up, the mothers and fathers should give advice or punishments when the kids are wrong and disobedient. Education for children is needed by everyone around them.


Education should be perceived as something very valuable and expensive, otherwise non-students will stop trying to study well. Education in bad countries is inexpensive, but its quality is much worse. If you have any difficulties with writing an essay, then contact these guys. These are qualified writers who will help you create a great essay. As for the cost of education, if education becomes very cheap, then even the dregs of society will go to colleges.