Climate change

The Earth is very old. It has changed often during its long life, and it is still changing. Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs were alive, the Earth was much warmer. There was very little ice on the land or on the sea, even in the very north or the very south of the world. And the sea was much higher than it is today. Can the climate change like this? Scientists think that it can and it is happening. The important question is this: How dangerous will the change be?

Earth’s climate change is a change of the current and future climate system including atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and cryosphere by natural and man-made causes over a period of time measured in decades or millions of years. Variation can be a change in the average weather or a change in the distribution of weather events around an average. Climate change may be limited to a certain region or may occur across the globe. In recent years, especially in the context of environmental policy, climate change often refers to the current climate change, collectively referred to as global warming. The main cause of Earth’s climate change is due to an increase in activities that generate greenhouse gas emissions, over-exploitation of sinks and reservoirs of greenhouse gasses such as biomass, forests, marine, coastal and other terrestrial ecosystems.

The most obvious is that the "climate change" issue is getting worse. Many places in Europe such as England and France are cool all year round and have again recorded a record heat of up to 40 degrees, and on the sidewalks without trees, the temperature can be up to 52 degrees ( data on July 19, 2022 ). In some parts of Asia, such as Viet Nam and the Philippines, erratic storms are happening more and more. In Africa, the drought problem is getting worse.

Climate change not only causes erratic weather phenomena but also causes many problems that greatly affect the global environment such as rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity due to the extinction of many species and food security issues…

Therefore, climate change is a global environmental issue that is being concerned by many governments. In Viet Nam, it has been deeply affecting. Especially, the recent drought and saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta region is seriously affecting the economy heavily dependent on agricultural production in our country.

According to our climate change projections, in the next few years, Vietnam may be one of the countries that will suffer the most from climate change in the next few decades, such as sea level rise, especially in coastal areas. Therefore, the study of application of timely adaptation solutions in Vietnam is a necessary issue today.

The best solution to solve the climate change cannot be given in the soonest time. The best way is to set up communication activities to give knowledge to the people. Then, they know how to protect the environment and their lives also.

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