I wrote an essay about "Having children while young", since I am not really skilled in writing I would appreciate if anybody could take a look at it and give me some hints where I can improve and especially if there are any mistakes in it.

Having children while young – Yes or no?

While back in the days it was ordinary to have children at a young age, nowadays people must decide themselves whether it is a good idea to have children early on or wait for it. Naturally it is very individual for each person and depends on the country one is living in and their corresponding culture but in general there are various benefits and downsides to having children while young. So, what are those advantages and disadvantages?

The most obvious benefit is that when the children reach a relatively high age their parents are still quite young, I can speak from experience having young parents and must say it is awesome to see one’s parents to be still very fit and healthy.

Additionally, someone has a lot more energy and is more flexible while young, this is an advantage while raising children since it is probably an exhausting and stressful job doing so. The increased level of energy also allows the parents to involve themselves more into games with their kids.

However, nowadays the topic “money” is a very important one and since raising kids is extremely expensive, for many people it is not bearable to provide their kids a secure future and decide to have children later on when at least one parent “secured” their career and has a moderately high income.

On top of that, having children also means to restrict one’s self. It is not possible to do what you want, when you want. Logically the priority switches to the child and limits both the mother and father achieving their dreams. This can lead to frustration and bad parenting.

In conclusion there are various pros and cons and in general it always depends on the situation a couple is in. In my opinion it is not a good idea to have children early on because it can reduce the quality of living drastically, especially if we take into consideration that nowadays a young person has such a vast range of opportunities. Therefore, I think a person should gather experiences, travel and enjoy life before settling down with some kiddies.

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