The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because it serves no useful purpose, and can even be damaging. Do you agree or disagree?


It is commonly believed that banning all forms of advertisements would be beneficial for society as they are not advantageous at all and can even adversely impact people. I totally disagree with this premise.

The first reason I believe advertisements are beneficial is that they inform public about products and services. When any organization advertises their products or services either through TV commercials or radio broadcast, it makes public aware of their benefits and drawbacks. People are enabled to buy things which they want, and how to avoid counterfeit items. Black Rock Asset Management, for example, informs investors about risks of investments in equity mutual funds through their brochures and flyers. Thus, investors know all possible risks before making investments in mutual funds that are risky.

Another reason of importance of advertising is that it generates revenue for companies and helps them to grow their businesses. When products are promoted by companies, they not only create their awareness, but also encourage buyers to buy more. By doing this, they expand their sales and increase their profitability. If they are not permitted to advertise, they will not be able to generate profits and may incur losses. Japan Tobacco, for instance, reported a loss of USD 1 million in 2014 as it was banned from TV commercials in the UK due to harmful products. This evidence supports that companies generate income when they advertise their products.

In conclusion, society can benefit from advertisements in many ways and should not be banned. From advertising, public can be informed about multiple products, and companies which advertise make profits.

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