Hi. I have written a essay about this issue: Do you agrees or disagree with the following affirmation: "it's horrible to be 25 nowadays"

Please, could you help me with the mistakes? Thank you very much.

Front my point of view there are advantages and disadvantages in this affirmation.

(Surely, the answer will change depending on the interlocutor.)

To begin with the troubles, the actual economic situation doesn’t help to promote work among youth. In fact, The higher number of unemployed are focussed around this age. Some of them neither work nor study. Although it may seem weird, there are more than 700.000 young (40% of this Leer fonéticamente

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population) in this situation. This is becoming a social problem.

Concerning to this point, I’m relieved to be older, because It’s a handicap to 25-years-old nowadays, at least in this country. For instance, I was hired one week before I finished my final exams.

Nevertheless others are studying and working at the same time, showing a great effort. Worth noting that as well.

On the other hand. They are also called “digital generation”. That means they are able to understand the new technologies quickly. They have grown up with a remote control in their hands, watching colour and 3D TV and with more than one computer in their homes. However, Their relationship is based on social networks.

In conclusion, I think the balance outweigh the positives things. For this reason, I disagree with this statement.
The answer to that would be in the eye of the beholder...a particular 25-year-old. There are, undoubtedly, difficulties faced by those just emerging from college and trying to enter the work force at a time of economic downturns and uncertainties. But, as you say, 25-year-olds tend to have superior skills with modern technological tools that give them an advantage.

There are a number of minor mistakes in the text. But, the main thing that grabs my attention is that your final sentence is confusing. Do you mean that you think, on balance, the negatives for 25-year-olds outweigh the positives? If so, why do you disagree with your premise that it's horrible to be a 25-year-old at this particular time?
First of all, thank you for your sooner anwer. Well, It's true that there're some confusing points. I have done some changes, including the conclusion, to clearify my point of view.

It also could be great If you can explain me something about the "minor mistakes" to improve them.

Again, Many thanks.

"On the other hand talking about advantages, They are also called “digital generation”. That means they are able to understand the new technologies quickly. (...)

In conclusion, In this particular time I agree with this statement. Because It’s hard to have 25 nowadays."