Some people say that getting a university degree is not the only way to get to success in life. Do you agree or disagree?

My essay:

In this day and age, people deliberate that students should keep on studying in university or find another way to have a splendid future. However, I believe that there are various approaches which are the key to their successes but more important than others is studying in college.

On the one hand, studying university is the fastest measure which you could choose to get ahead. University is a destination that people absolutely can get some specialist knowledge and the important skills which are used in the job such as presentation skills, data analysis skills, information search, persuasion skills. Indeed, these factors can make up the quality which helps them have more opportunities to apply for a job. Furthermore, not only gain knowledge and be more competitive in the job market but also they can take over a higher position. Essentially, plenty of enterprises compels high academic qualifications from people applying for some professional jobs. For many jobs such as statisticians, economists, and medical jobs, a master’s degree or college degree is one of the most vital requirements.

On the other hand, some people think about starting their career early or traveling instead of going to university or college. Firstly, It is another terrific choice which brings forth real experience and exclusive skills for their jobs. Secondly, they are independent of the finances and more creative because they need to come up with a large number of schemes to adapt themselves to circumstances that are strange and conclude numerous difficulties at the beginning.

In conclusion, Continuing to experiment in university or in real life both have their advantages and disadvantages. For these reasons, I strongly believe that people can find their own goal orientation instead of studying in university. No matter what they decide, be careful with these options and remember that only studying can take you to success.

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