i have an essay on great expectations to write as part of my english coursework.

its called "Why is the opening chapter of great expectations so succesful?"

in it we had to talk about eaxh little bit of description, and go into detail about each one.

My teacher spent around 4 lessons are so going over it all, so i had most o fhte content already, we just had to write it.

i was wondering if you could help me see where im going wrong, where im rambleing, etc

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oh yeah we were also told to use quotes, ive used some... but not sure if ive put enough in?

this is it so far anyway... its about half done? (the setting and atmosphere bit, that is)

Great Expectations Analysis

The setting and atmosphere in great expectations has many layers of which it could be perceived. Many things Dickens describes, will symbolise, or represent a certain character. This is done to mainly to contribute to the threatening atmosphere which surrounds the first chapter, making the readers feel more tense, and wanting to read more about each character. The atmosphere he creates seems to surround Pip in death, both literally and metaphorically, giving the story a slightly claustrophobic nature. In the first scene, he describes the graveyard; many of these things have a hidden meaning, relating to either Pip or the convict.

One such thing would be the sky; it is described as “angry” this is most likely to be a representation of the convicts anger, and threatening nature towards Pip. “Red” is also used to describe the sky, this would symbolise danger, and blood, this again making Pip seem in yet more danger. The word “black” is used in the story, this is very effective, as it shows how pip is surrounded in death. It also symbolises the convict, who threatens Pip, claiming he wants to kill him. White is the opposite of black, and it symbolises happiness, and peace, which is associated with Christmas time.

The nettles in the story, are another small detail used to describe the setting.

“Picking his way among the brambles and nettles, that bound the green mounds”

This shows how overgrown, and uncared for the graveyard is, and now nettles are likely to hurt you. This reminds the readers of Pip himself, who is uncared for, and has been hurt in life, he could also be hurt by the convict. Brambles have lots of thorns, and are quite threatening, this suggests Pips feelings of being trapped, and not being in control of the situation. While thorns of symbolic of pain, and Pips dangerous situation.

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that is really good

sorry i havent really got any tips but i just thought i would say it sounds very good i have used it to help me write my own essay!

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