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This is my essay below and I want to ask you to check it in all possible ways, because it's essential for getting a pass in practical english lecture. So, here it is:

Living in a foreign country Cannot be better than living In your own.

There are patriots who would never leave their homeland under no circumstances due to their attachment to the country. On the other side of the barricade stand people who would do anything to break out of the country that gives them no opportunities for better life. This second group is usually young rebels who look for better future which very often can be found abroad.

Firstly, when we are abroad we experience disorientation and inefficacy, looking for some help or good advices is nearly impossible by virtue of any connections. Of course not everybody is direct and eager to form a new relationships anywhere they appear. For example, a person who does not like to open up to other people, prefer to abide alone and easily copes with his problems without any help.

Secondly, some people go abroad without knowing any foreign language, then they are unable to communicate with other people. This could be very baffling situation when someone wants to speak with a person on the a street and cannot even make a sound, not to mention a situations in which you have to speak to your superior.

On the other hand, when you decide to go to a foreign country you must have a job which usually matches your interests and financial expectations. In this day and age people are focusing on their career and relationships with colleagues from work that leads to self-esteem and self-confidence growth, especially in a foreign country.

In addition to this, knowing the foreign culture and its language helps people to understand the world. It is often claimed that living abroad involves with language learning which makes you wiser and makes it easy for you to conveniently agree with foreigners. For example, you can get even better job or enter the higher intellectual level that leads up to making new acquaintances. What is more, new cultural experience makes you sophisticated in the world, especially the most distant or bizarre cultures like in exotic places such as Bermuda Isles, Bahamas et cetera.

To sum up, staying In a foreign country relates with multiple sacrifices considering yourself and your closest ones. We are getting into difficulties without possibility of receiving help from our friends, life does not appear simple nevermore. Yet the prospect of greater earnings, advancement as well as get to know about other country and its language seems to overshadow negative side of stay abroad. To see how it really is we must put ourselves in such a situation.
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