I'm writing a logical classification essay and i haven't been able to think of any topics this whole weekend. I think I'm trying too hard to come up with an idea and maybe other peoples thoughts would help. It has to fall under these three rules: everything must have a slot somewhere within the system, nothing must fit into two slots equally well, and the names used for the slots must be readily understandable (or easily definable). I was going to write the essay about car's drive lines: front wheel, rear wheel, and all wheel drive; but someone already claimed it. I would have already figured out a topic if the teacher let us write about a big area of information to cover, but it has to be focused. If anyone can help, that would be great, I'm fed up with thinking about it for the past two days. Cheers, Justin
Hi Slick--

It would be best if you look around you, because you will need to refer carefully to examples of the system you choose. Pick something really common and relatively simple, and analyze the system thoroughly. How about:

household furniture (or just 'chairs' or 'tables')
sound recordings
communications media
garden plants
According to the topics to be chosen, it is wise to well consult with some relevant jounals first, then you might come across your ideas . it is no use to scare yourself by shutting inside and think wildly. Go the the library and reading room often, calm down and then you can have your own direction. logics is Greek to me, so i can only offer my humble opinon above.
best luck!