"Nowadays, most students take extra classes. Do you think this is a good idea ? Or would it be better for students to invest all that time in self-study.In this day and age, a large number of students partake in extra classes, due to a multitude of different learning purposes. Consequently, extra classes gained popularity around the world. However, from my perspective, the time students spend on extra classes is not a match for that in self-study."

In the first place, almost all students contribute their time to remedial classes to get higher scores or meet the demand of parents for extensive achievements which place a heavy burden on their progeny. What they learn further from extra classes is heavily theoretical knowledge that only serves examination purposes and might have a lack of applicability to real life. Thus, they should furnish themselves with soft skills such as observing surrounding movements in lieu of studying around the clock. For instance, first graders in Europe can know what happens when the sun is far away or closer to the Earth or even spend time conducting research.

On the other hand, self-study plays an indispensable educational role. Thanks to self-study, they manage to seek diverse solutions to a variety of obstacles without any help from teachers. To be more specific, students can find a plethora of information themselves from different sources and discover ingenious ideas not based on knowledge in extra classes. Hence, self-study has an impetus to ignite their pure creativity, which gives rise to an abundance of fruitful innovations. Thomas Edison, for example, was expelled from school and must learn under his mother’s supervision. He made progress with his naturally developed ability and devoted numerous genius inventions to humanity.

In conclusion, I am firmly of the opinion that self-study must be encouraged to become a stress-free and practical method that lays a solid foundation for the learning results of students as well as their future careers.


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